High cholesterol effects

Monitor Your Health for High Cholesterol Symptoms

You could be well into your late thirties and not be aware that you are already suffering from high cholesterol because high cholesterol symptoms are barely discernible. A person could feel quite content and healthy but out of nowhere he’d all of a sudden suffer from a stroke. Most people only discover they have high cholesterol when it is already too late and that they are already in the danger zone of suffering from one complication to the next.

Are there some symptoms that you can watch out for? Believe it or not, there are but they are not guarantees that you may or may not have high cholesterol in your system.

Noticeable Symptoms

  1. If family members suffered from heart attacks or stroke early in their age, particularly between the ages of 30 and 40, then you may have a likely chance of suffering from what is called hereditary high cholesterol. A check on the medical history of your immediate family will give you a good idea if you have to be extra careful with what you eat and if you should seek medical assistance early on.
  • People who are already developing serious complications with cholesterol levels may develop yellow patches around their eyes. These patches could arise below their eyes or on the sides. This is because cholesterol is a waxy kind of lipid and when the body has too much this substance, it will deposit cholesterol in just about anywhere possible and the surrounding area of the eyes has enough space for excess cholesterol.
  • If you are experiencing chest pain then you may want to seek immediate medical help because it is very likely that cholesterol has already built up and hardened in your blood system. Chest pains are actually side effects caused by high blood pressure and narrow blood passage. When the heart and the rest of the chest area are not properly supplied with blood, a person will sporadically experience pain and chest constrictions.
  • Always make sure to check your weight. One noticeable symptom of increased cholesterol levels is obesity. As mentioned above, when the body has excess cholesterol it will deposit it in any available pocket in the body and this eventually becomes fatty material. Excess body fats will also cling onto these pockets. If you are getting overweight then this may be a clear indicator that you need to get a cholesterol check.
  • Lack of physical activity can be classified amongst other high cholesterol symptoms. A person who is languid and has a daily routine that is not filled with physical activities can already be suffering from high cholesterol. Like other fats in the body, excess cholesterol needs to be burned and used as energy, otherwise it can cause a person to feel drowsy, lazy, and inactive.

Again these symptoms are not easy to spot and they could relate to other health problems. The only way to really determine whether a person has high cholesterol levels or not is to get a blood test. This test will determine a person’s cholesterol level and it is advised to get this done regularly instead of just waiting for these high cholesterol symptoms to show.