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Identify High Triglycerides Symptoms

There are no clear-cut high triglycerides symptoms that a person can immediately notice and identify as a sign that they have high levels of triglyceride in their body. This is because triglycerides, like cholesterol, attack the insides of the body and they do not manifest external symptoms until it is already too late. So what are triglycerides and what symptoms can you check to identify it?

How to Spot High Triglycerides

Here are some symptoms you can check. They vary from person to person so it would not be wise to base your conclusions on this list alone.

  • Obesity

When the body is actively working it burns calories. The calories that are not used up become a sort of fatty material and this is known as a triglyceride fatty substance. It is actually the most common kind of fatty substance in the body. Usually, triglycerides are not the problem because they are the body’s source of energy, and without energy the body cannot function or even move. The problem though is when there is too much of it. This fatty substance gets deposited in areas of the body like the waist, legs, and arms. Believe it or not, obesity is one symptom that indicate you have high levels of triglycerides.

  • High blood pressure

Another high triglycerides symptom is high blood pressure as well as the presence of other cardiovascular complications. If a person is starting to feel chest pains or constrictions around the chest and upper abdominal region then he might have excess triglycerides that could be causing high blood pressure and cardiovascular complications. When a person is starting to get high blood pressure, the first common symptom is muscle constriction around the chest and this could be attributed to LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

  • Lack of energy

Lastly, it is possible that feeling languid or inactive is a symptom of the presence of high triglycerides in the body. People who have high levels of this fatty substance usually tend to become drowsy or unable to participate in physical labor. This is because the fats constrict blood flow and therefore would trigger a person to feel tired and sleepy. If a person sits in front of a computer all day and cannot find a reasonable excuse to get out and do physical activities, he could develop triglycerides problems. This is very evident if the person is obese and refuses to do anything else but sit down, lie down, and eat.

Other symptoms to look for

As mentioned, these symptoms are not going to be easy to identify and when they are spotted, it does not automatically mean you are suffering from a high triglyceride problem. Other complications could arise to further support or debunk the association, especially when it comes to cardiovascular diseases. The only sure fire way to determine if a person is going over the limit in their triglycerides ratio is to get a blood test. This same blood test can also check a person’s cholesterol levels. Still, if any of these high triglycerides symptoms show, it may be a good idea to visit your doctor so he can conduct some tests on you in order to prescribe the right treatment.